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Working at Salvat

A healthy work environment

We are an independent, family-owned Company, now managed by the 3rd and 4th generations. Since our inception in 1955, we have built a team of highly skilled and committed professionals. We remain devoted to creating quality jobs in Spain and beyond. We understand the value of our people and believe that without you, none of this would be possible.

What can we offer?

Healthy work environment, exciting projects, continued growth, willingness to become an international company, continuity through the next generation.

What are we looking for?


Individuals that can adopt the objectives and plans of the Company as their own, demonstrating involvement in work and a sense of belonging at Salvat.


Individuals that approach daily tasks with motivation and enthusiasm, anticipating events and requirements in a proactive manner.


Innovators in all areas of activity, who are constantly proposing solutions and alternatives.


Respectful towards others and the environment, and able to comply with our social, legal and environmental responsibilities as professionals and members of society as a whole.


People with the desire to acquire greater knowledge and skills by adopting a constant focus on personal and professional progress as a team.

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