Magnesium citrate and Ginkgo biloba extract.


Nurane® by Laboratorios Salvat is a dietary supplement that can have a neuroprotector effect.
Some common conditions such as glaucoma or hypoacusis problems caused by acoustic trauma, tinnitus, etc., are related to damage to small nerves (optic or auditory), due to reduced blood flow and increased oxidative stress, thereby altering their function and causing or exacerbating symptoms.
The provision of neuroprotection to reduce nerve damage to a minimum can be very helpful in these conditions.
In this respect, there are studies that describe the mechanisms of action of compounds such as magnesium and Gingko biloba (classified as dietary supplements) with beneficial properties for people with auditory or optic nerve neuropathies.
Due to the effects of its components, Nurane® has a vasodilator effect, improves microcirculation of nerves, prevents vasospasms and has a powerful antioxidant effect. Nurane® is an exclusive combination by Laboratorios Salvat.


Box with 30 capsules.


1 capsule a day.

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