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Pharma, for the world

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More than 65 years of innovation

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“We share a deep commitment to innovation and employment generation. By always putting patients first, we can achieve our primary objective: contribution to a healthier and happier life”

Javier Peris, President

Mission, Vision and Values

What Drives Salvat

Salvat’s goal is to be a hub in the development of pharmaceutical technologies with a primary focus on Otolaryngology and Ophthalmology. We have a strong calling for innovation.

Innovation in the Research and Development unit is the backbone of our company however, each and every employee is called to contribute to the innovative process at Salvat.

With the help of a deeply engaged team, Salvat aims for steady growth. The team is aligned with our strategic goals and follows our action plan. Simultaneously, Salvat is committed to providing continued training and stability within a strong work environment.



We are committed to adopting the objectives and plans of the company as our own. Participating actively and with a sense of responsibility in achieving these goals, we approach daily tasks with motivation and enthusiasm. This involvement by every employee generates a deep commitment to our mission and a strong sense of belonging at Salvat.

Motivation fuelled by challenges

Our actions are directed towards seeking and successfully overcoming new challenges beyond the usual parameters of business. This is successful by setting ambitious objectives that involve exploring and creating new lines of growth and expansion.


Our conduct shall always be respectful towards people and the environment. We shall comply with our social, legal and environmental responsibilities as professionals and members of society as a whole.

Creativity and initiative

We aim to become innovators in all areas of activity in our daily work. We anticipate events and requirements in a proactive manner, identifying options for growth and constantly proposing solutions and alternatives.

Development as a team

As a team, we aspire to acquire greater knowledge and skills by adopting a constant focus on personal and professional progress. Through this common mission we ensure the growth of the Company.

We want to be a strong company with a foundation in innovation. We want to remain competitive, capable of growth in a global context, and maintain our independence. We are open to strategic alliances with the aim of becoming a key resource for the personal and professional development of our partners and employees.

Adaptation and flexibility

We stand prepared to accept and adapt to an evolving environment, to quickly modify our actions when the situation requires and to accept tasks and functions that are different to those which we normally perform.

We want to be a strong company with a foundation in innovation. We want to remain competitive, capable of growth in a global context, maintain our independence, but be open to strategical alliances, with the aim of becoming an attractive referent for the personal and professional development of our partners and employees.

The Company

Pharma, for the world

We are a private capital pharmaceutical company, established in Barcelona in 1955, today managed by the 3rd and 4th generation of the family.

As a Company we focus on organic growth, with a long term vision and the purpose of generate innovation and creating jobs. As a family, we manage the Company keeping ethics at its core.

Today, with almost 500 employees in Spain, three manufacturing plants in Barcelona and Madrid; and a production line of sterile liquids in Tamarac (Florida), two marketed products in the US and a broad international presence, we envision a great future for Salvat.

Our history

More than 69 years of innovation


Founded Laboratorios Salvat

Tomas Miarnau and Dr. Antonio Salvat founded the Company in Barcelona in 1955. Today Salvat is still a family business, led by the descendants of Jose Maria Peris Miarnau, lawyer and nephew of one of the founders, and Elvira Maria Teresa Musso Borras.


Launch of Salvacolina®

Salvacolina® became our first big brand. Dr. Montserrat invented the product, indicated for the symptomatic treatment of unspecific acute diarrhea.


Establishment of the Research, Synthesis and Development Department

This expansion allowed Salvat to achieve full vertical integration at a time when basic research and organic chemistry were the differentiating factors for growing pharmaceutical companies.


Cristalmina® (topical clorhexidine gluconate)

Cristalmina® is an OTC topical antiseptic, leader in the Spanish market and the flagship brand of Salvat.


Cetraxal® Otic (worldwide innovation ciprofloxacin otic solution)

With the launch of Cetraxal® Otic in the 90s we expanded to dominate the Spanish topical antibiotic market, and became a referent in the treatment of ear infections.


Monolitum® (Lansoprazole – own pellets technology)

Around our proprietary Orally Dispersible Tablet technology, we developed Monolitum®. Two decades later, it remains as the go-to product for acute treatment of duodenal ulcers, gastric ulcers and oesophagitis due to gastro-oesophageal reflux.


New R&D Center

With the new millennium we launched a new Research and Development center, primarily focused on pharmaceutical technologies.


Cetraxal® Plus (unique combination ciprofloxacin + fluocinolone otic solution)

Cetraxal® Plus became the first combination of this kind for the treatment of ear infections. With the launch of this product we were solidified as leaders in the otology field.


Ebernet® (New chemical entity: Eberconazole)

Our first new chemical entity to reach the market, Ebernet® is sold in 3 continents and we continue to expand its use in alternative indications.


SALVAT USA Inc. is founded. New offices in Miami, FL

With the opening of this wholly owned subsidiary we made a commitment to continue to grow and innovate in the US market.


Blow-Fill-Seal technology is introduced at our production facility

A decade ago we identified Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) as the technology of the future for aseptic and preservative manufacturing. BFS would soon become the basis of our innovation and would allow us to develop leading products for international markets.


Malacur® launched in Africa

Malacur® has grown to be one of the go-to brands for the treatment of malaria in Africa. The product allowed us to expand our presence through various African territories.


FDA approval and US launch of Cetraxal® Otic in single use vials

A new star was born in 2009 with the launch of Cetraxal® Otic in the US. In combination with our Blow-Fill-Seal technology, we led the full development of the product to become the first Spanish pharmaceutical company with a marketed Rx product in the US.


Otovel® (ciprofloxacin + fluocinolone) partnerships and launches in multiple regions, including the USA

Shortly following the launch of our first product in the US, we launched the second, Otovel®. Its current and future indications have the potential to become the leading brand for the topical treatment of ear infections in the US.


New Blow-Fill-Seal manufacturing line in the USA

With our growing presence in the US, we identified the opportunity to own our first FDA-approved manufacturing facility. This expanded facility in the US will increase efficiency and will assist us with local innovation while offering contract manufacturing services to third parties.


Pharmaloop: Acquisition of new manufacturing site in Madrid

With the acquisition of Pharmaloop in Madrid we expanded our production capacity, and we established the foundation for the growth of our contract development and contract manufacturing businesses.

Company milestones

1984 Move to current HQs
1986 Launch of Cristalmina
1996 Launch of Monolitum
2006 Launch of US operations
and products
2017 Expansion of manufacturing
through Pharmaloop in Madrid

Salvat USA

Salvat in the American market

In 2006, Salvat began operations in the United States with the establishment of Salvat USA in Miami, Florida.
That same year, we received an approval letter for Cetraxal® in the USA and an IND for Tarafenacin.

In 2009, the FDA approved Cetraxal® Otic Solution, which we launched in the USA in partnership with WraSer Pharmaceuticals.

The US launch of OTOVEL® followed in 2016. OTOVEL® is our flagship prescription product. With a unique formulation and the use of our Blow-Fill-Seal technology, we have achieved long-term IP protection that will allow us to grow in the US market for many years to come.

OTOVEL® is commercialized by WraSer Pharmaceuticals in the US market.

OTOVEL® is a combination of Ciprofloxacin, a fluoroquinolone antibacterial and the corticosteroid fluocinolone acetonide, indicated for the treatment of acute otitis media with tympanostomy tubes (AOMT) in pediatric patients.

OTOVEL® is for otic administration only and is presented in single-dose vials (0.25 mL).

Otovel® can be used in patients aged 6 months and older.

Salvat Worldwide

Our international presence

In 1982, with the understanding that our growth opportunities would come from beyond our borders, we launched our International Division. Today, our international sales represent approximately 40% of the business and are one of Salvat’s major growth pillars.

Salvat has offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Miami, where we also own manufacturing facilities. We have our own marketing and sales structure in Spain, Portugal, Central America and Sub-Saharan Africa and partner with licensees to market our products in Europe, United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, North of Africa, Middle East, India, South East Asia, China and South Korea.


Our People

A big family

Meet Salvat’s fuel, the people that make success possible every day. Over 500 employees at your disposal.


Alberto Bueno


Diego Aparicio

Industrial Operations Director

Jörg Behrendt

Commercial Director Spain & Portugal

Imma Cervera

Qualified Person

Isabel Delgado

R&D Director

Enrique Jiménez

Medical & Regulatory Affairs Director

Alejandro Ripol

Finance, HR & IT Director

Patricia Ferriot

International & Business Development Director