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“We are committed to innovation and job creation, with the aim of improving the quality of life of each of our stakeholders. Our commitment isn’t only rational; it is also personal and emotional. We have high respect for our values, that are based on ethics and trust”

Josep Martinez, Managing Director

Code of Ethics

Core values


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Corporate Citizenship

Our commitment to the environment

At Salvat, we are taking a proactive role in helping preserve the environment. We are aware of our responsibility and we strive to make positive contributions to society and improve our environment.

Salvat is committed to this goal and demonstrates that commitment by operating sustainable activities that foster environmental protection and respect. The protection of the environment is a must for our organization. Caring for people certainly involves such a commitment.


Zero paper policy

Salvat has eliminated publishing leaflets and catalogues on paper and optimizing communications via tablet. With this innovative initiative, Salvat Sales Representatives dialogue with doctors with no paper brochures.


We have minimization plan that optimizes our collection of urban and industrial waste. As a company packaging pharmaceutical products, we are responsible for the containers that we market and the impact of their communities. Fort his reason, we are members of the SIGRE integrated container management and collection system. 
To the extent permitted by law, Salvat collaborates with non-governmental organizations that are authorized for the classification and Management of Industrial, Computing and Healthcare Waste.

Energy, water and resource savings

Salvat constantly improves its facilities to minimize energy consumption and to be a company with minimal impact on the CO2 footprint.

Minimization of atmospheric emissions

Salvat strives to reduce its impact on our planet by increasing the use of natural gas and more sustainable fuels.


Active contribution to our industry

In our search for excellence, we are active members of industry leading associations worldwide. Through these organizations, we strive to improve healthcare, making it more accesible and available for all.
Salvat is a member of the following entities:

The Salvat Foundation

Where art and science meet

The Salvat Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Barcelona, whose origins date back to 1972. From the very beginning, the Foundation has focused on innovation. Today, we continue this important scientific work through a biannual prize for Research in Pharmaceutical Technology. The Salvat Foundation plays an important role in the patronage of the arts, focusing on Music and Contemporary Art.

The Salvat Foundation is a boost to the Salvat Collection of Contemporary Art started in the company over 20 years ago. This is an illustration of the commitment and visión, of the family that owns Salvat, through art.