Active substance

MegaSmect contains diosmectite, a natural antidiarrheal that is capable of adhering to the intestinal barrier and adsorbing toxins from bacteria and viruses (rotavirus). These are all major causes of diarrea. In addition, MegaSmect helps increase the absorption of water and electrolytes and restores the intestinal epithelium.

Due to the mechanism of action of diosmectite, MegaSmect protects the gastrointestinal mucosa and helps reduce the duration of diarrea.


Megasmect 10 sachets.
Megasmect 30 sachets.

Instructions for use

Children from 2 years of age: 2–3 sachets per day (1 sachet every 8 or 12 hours).
Adults: 1 sachet 3 times a day.

Treatment duration:
3–5 days depending on the condition.
MegaSmect can be taken over long periods of time.
Dilute the sachets in 25–50 ml of water or milk. They can also be mixed with soups and purees.