Active substances

Hyaluronic acid (0,4%), Glycerin (1%), Carboxymethylcellulose (0,5%).


Lubricating and moisturizing ophthalmic gel designed to be used while you sleep, helping to restore moisture to the eye for intensive relief and prolonged protection against dry eye symptoms.

RELIVE® Noche is a lubricating and moisturizing ophthalmic gel specifically designed for use at night to work while you sleep. Night is the optimal time to help restore moisture to the eye and provide prolonged protection by rehydrating and relieving the eye from external agents.

RELIVE® Noche is indicated for people seeking greater comfort and protection during the night from symptoms caused by moderate dry eyes, tired or irritated eyes from the use of screens, air conditioning, heating, and contact lenses. This product is also indicated for dry eyes caused by medications, aging or hormonal changes.

RELIVE® Noche is a product without phosphates or preservatives for ocular use. Steriles.


1 carton with 20 single-dose vials.

Instructions of use

Apply RELIVE® Noche whenever necessary to relieve moderate eye dryness during the night.

This medical device complies with current legislation on medical devices