Active substances

Hyaluronic acid (0,4%), Glycerin (1%).


Artificial tear for the relief of dry eyes caused by external factors.

RELIVE® Ojos secos is a low-viscosity isoosmolar* artificial tear for daily use indicated for the relief of dry eyes caused by external factors such as the use of contact lenses or the continuous use of computers or other electronic screen devices, as well as due to the sensation of a foreign body due to air conditioning, heating, wind, sun, smoke.

RELIVE® Ojos secos is a product without phosphates or preservatives for ocular use and compatible with contact lenses.

*Moisturizing and lubricating eye solution with an osmolarity the same as natural tears.


1 carton with 20 single-dose vials. Sterile.

Instructions of use

Apply Relive® Ojos secos whenever necessary to relieve occasional dry eyes.

This medical device complies with current legislation on medical devices