Active substances

Sodium hyaluronate, glycerine, medium-chain triglycerides and castor oil.


Relive® Sicca has been formulated for people who suffer from moderate-severe dry eye syndrome. It is an innovative ophthalmic nanoemulsion that offers a high degree of absorption and stability, while reducing the viscosity of the product.

The hyaluronic acid and glycerine in Relive® Sicca are humectant compounds that prolong water retention on the surface of the eye and slow down its evaporation, thus relieving the sensation of dryness and other symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. The medium-chain triglycerides and castor oil help stabilise the lipid phase of the tear film and give the product excellent lubrication properties. The castor oil also has an antioxidant effect.


1 pack containing 30 single-dose vials.


It is recommended to apply 1 or 2 drops of Relive® Sicca to each eye as often as needed.

This medical device complies with current legislation on medical devices