Active substances

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (Povidone) (3%), Glycerin (1%).


Products for eye care and lubrication.

The Relive® 360 line of products currently consists of three distinct products which cover all the needs of people with dry eyes.
Relive® VISCO has a higher degree of viscosity to ensure a greater retention time on the surface of the eye. Relive® VISCO is ideal for people who need additional lubrication throughout the day.
All the products in the Relive® range are compatible with contact lenses and come in boxes of 30 sterile, preservative-free, single-dose vials.


1 carton with 30 single-dose vials.

Instructions for use

Apply Relive® VISCO as required to relieve severe dryness of the eyes.

This medical device complies with current legislation on medical devices

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