D-mannose (2 g), concentrated juice extract of the red American cranberry fruit, and vitamin C.


When consuming D-mannose exogenously, an excess of D-mannose is produced in the urinary tract that saturates the fimbriae of the bacteria with which they adhere to the bladder, causing the bacteria to lose its adherence ability which makes it more difficult for the infection to occur.

Thanks to the synergy between the American cranberry as a whole and the adequate dose of D-mannose, the fimbriae with which the E.coli  adhere to the epithelium are blocked.

Blocking the fimbriae prevents the E.coli  from adhering to the bladder epithelium, facilitates its elimination with urination and reduces its pathogenic power.


30 sachets.

Instructions for use

1 sachet a day is recommended, preferably before bedtime.